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Lawrence S. Rosen

Larry is a veteran practitioner of business law and the head of the firm’s Commercial Litigation Group, as well as the firm’s Managing Partner. Since 1988, he has represented numerous small, medium, and large-sized companies and high net worth individuals in a myriad of areas involving business and commerce. Larry is an analytical thinker and well respected for developing quick, efficient, and cost-effective strategies for achieving his client’s goals, and then successfully executing on them. His 30+ years of litigation experience allow him to identify and then proactively address potential problems before they ripen into time consuming and costly business problems or litigations. When litigation is inevitable, however, Larry is your pit bull, aggressively fighting and using his rhetorical and writing skills to get you a win. Results for his clients matter most to him, and he gets them. Larry adds significant value to his clients’ business when they engage him early in the process to serve as their outside general counsel.

Larry faithfully serves his community as his Town’s Deputy Mayor and as its Director of Economic Development, and is a co-founder and adult facilitator of his Town’s 1900-member Teen Advisory Committee. Larry also served as President of his synagogue and as a trustee on the Board of Trustees for the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ . He is the proud father of two wonderful children, and husband to his wife of 30+ years. Larry and his family have re-built their lives and found happiness in Monmouth County New Jersey following the destruction of their New York City home in the September 11, 2001 terror attack.